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Protecting Your Business and Customer Credentials

Trusted by top firms around the world, we help them to detect, prevent and recover from compromised credentials to reduce loss and minimize customer friction.

We offer more than static breach data, businesses chose us over our competitors because 

we capture live fraudster use of over 15 million credentials a day.

which means you get actionable real time intelligence to fight credential stuffing, ATO, ransomware and online fraud.

myNetWatchman Breach Assessment Name: RockYou2024 Type: Data Dump. File available for free online. Description: RockYou2024 adds 1.5 billion records to the RockYou2021 file, which expanded further upon the original RockYou data dump from 2009. It includes a mix of plain-text passwords, encrypted passwords and wordlist records of plausible passwords. Overall Threat Level: Low Size: Very large - 10 billion records (although not all are usable) Attributes Threat: Low - password only (not credential pairs). Many records are encrypted passwords or wordlist entries (plausible but not confirmed passwords). Timeliness Threat: Low - Most of the data is NOT recent. This is an aggregated data set going back to 2009, with 84 percent of the records being compromised 3 or more years ago. Usability: Low - 10 percent is encrypted and unreadable, an additional 9.4 percent doesn’t meet a minimum password size (7 characters or less). An unknown number are wordlist entries, not actual passwords. Precision

What We Do

Alerts, Streaming APIs for lookups, flat files and Dashboards we have solutions for the entire lifecycle of credentialing

myNetWatchman continuously brings in data from live collection sources and the darknet along with other sources and applies our proprietary intelligence and analysis to pull the most relevant data, raw data attributes, comparisons, velocities and features for our customers. Providing streaming data and APIs, you can choose to use raw data or our intelligent features for your models or processes as you look to detect, prevent and respond to credential stuffing,  account takeover, ransomware and online fraud – totaling more than 25 billion assets  from data breaches and malware-infected devices. 

We monitor fraudster and hacker activity along with breach data to alert you to hits based on your company, providing the users, emails or credit cards we found from your domain. 

API call where you send in a specific user or set of users to determine what their reputation is; are they reusing credentials or using compromised credentials.

Find out if we can see evidence the email account is compromised, or the email shows signs of potential synthetic identity or if there is risk due to multiple past breaches on accounts associated with the email. API service to send one or a list of emails.

Breached Credential Response

For users whose data you know or suspect has been lost in a breach, we will provide a response for which credentials are found to have already been breached earlier or are actively being used now.  A one year service after an attack.

CyberCredential Assessment

A report that tells you how easy it would be to credential stuff on your site, as well as an indication if it is already happening. Also tells you if any of the employees are using credentials known to be compromised.

For fraud, security, MSSPs and identity partners. Get raw access to our data to use in your existing solution or to resell. 

How Clients use myNetWatchman

Protect your Company and employees from credential loss

  • Get alerted when we see your employees' credentials being used in live attacks or in data breaches.

  • Find employees that are reusing usernames or passwords with non-work emails.

  • Find out if employees are using work emails for non-work purposes and fraudsters are testing on them.

  • Force password changes to secure and prevent ATO or cyberattacks from compromised employee credentials. 

Prevent Consumer Account Take Over while optimizing friction on user experience

  • Gain awareness of credential stuffing attacks and what accounts are being targeted and compromised.

  • Get alerted on consumer account credentials from your company that we know are compromised and being used live to prevent ATO. 

  • Force password changes to secure compromised accounts.

  • Reduce friction from step up authentication by applying it based on risk.

Improve fraud and security operations

  • Provide investigators tools and dashboards to speed up investigations into ATO, compromised employees, at risk accounts.

  • Get more in-depth understanding of the effectiveness of your credentialing program to better develop your strategy and prioritize your roadmap.

Fraud prevention experience

20 years

Live data surveillance

10+ years

Users protected

550 million

Exposed credential pairs

30 billion

Get started with myNetWatchman Today

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