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Compromised Credential Screening

When your user's login information is stolen, your money, business, and image are all at risk.

Our AllCreds solution is an API you use to check any credential, any time, to see if it has ever been used by a criminal.

AD Audit is a completely packaged solution that leverages AllCreds and our 30+ billion storehouse of compromised credentials to check your Active Directory.

How It Works

Step 1

How do companies use this?

Companies use AllCreds as an integrated part of the customer credential cycle - during signup, account reset or login - to ensure customers don't use credentials known by criminals.

Companies use AD Audit to scan internal accounts for compromised passwords - whether that is to ensure NIST compliance, check on accounts with elevated privileges, or to confirm policy compliance.

Step 2

How Does it work?

With AllCreds, you make the API call with the credential pair (username and password) you want to check, and we will let you know if it has ever been used by a criminal anywhere. Then you get to decide what you want to do with your customer.

AD Audit is a complete package - connect to your domain and it will do the work, outputting a report with the findings.

Step 3

How do we get started?

Its easy - AD Audit is a complete package you can have the same day you sign up!

AllCreds super-fast API call checks all 30 billion + credentials we have. Your toughest decisions will be how often to make the API call and what to do with all the customers you find using compromised credentials.

We'll help you with best-practice implementation plans, configuration options, and API guides. We'll also give you dashboards to show your usage and success with AllCreds.

Let myNetWatchman Do the Work

We monitor criminal activity so you don't have to.

Fortune 25 ecommerce

Users identified with compromised passwords

7.5 M

Decrease in credential stuffing traffic


Increase in breached credential collection over in-house efforts


Reduction in chargebacks

25 %

Real-time, Powerful, and Easy to Use

Get Started with myNetWatchman Today

Why wait for breach data to be public - by then the criminals are done using it. Instead, check your customers for credentials the criminals are using today!

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